Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bibimbap from the Guy Next Door

Probably the most casual place to have a sizzling hot bowl of Bibimbap and definitely the only place you can get a hair cut afterwards...

If I could, I'd spend every day tracking down the best restaurants in London. Then again, who wouldn't? But girl has to make money to pay for all the food, so she has to go to work. No need to fret, though, since you still have weekends for treating yourself. Unless you are lucky and have some great lunch places around your workplace. That'd be a different story. If I was working around Bethnal Green I'd probably grab lunch at Hurwundeki now and then. It's a cafe/Korean restaurant/hair dresser, all in one! Quite the unusual mix in an unusual location, because Bethnal Green is definitely not the first place you'd think of, when you are looking for a fun food spot. It's more like the underdog sibling to super hip Shoreditch. Personally I quite liked the fact that it's a little further away from all the cool spots, since it still feels a little this secret place only you know about. I mean, that East London interior (which means random recycled stuff put together) is pretty unusual for a Korean restaurant. Yet, it perfectly matches the guys behind Hurwundeki and their customers: Young and ready to explore. The Hurwundeki guys did a solid job with their food: The bibimbap was spot on, though, I was a little disappointed that you had to pay extra to have it in a stone pot. Unfortunately the Pa Joen (Korean seafood pancake) was a little bland, so we had to dip it quite a bit in soy sauce. Yet, the funky interior, the decent prices and the fact it's BYOB says: "Next time you are in Bethnal Green, check out this place!" I mean, let's be honest: Most of us aren't food critics, so it's about food AND the atmosphere.

Hurwundeki Cafe
298-299 Cambridge Heath Rd
London E2 9HA

Wenn ich könnte, wuerde ich jeden Tag damit verbringen die besten Restaurants in London zu erkunden. Andererseits, wer wuerde das nicht? Aber man muss natürlich erst einmal Geld verdienen, um das ganze Essen zu bezahlen, also heisst es: arbeiten gehen. Wenigstens bleiben einem die Wochenende, um sich etwas Gutes zu tun. Ausser man hat das Glück und arbeitet direkt neben tollen Restaurants, das wäre natürlich ideal, wobei weniger für Geldbeutel und Six Packs. Wenn ich in Bethnal Green arbeiten wuerde, wuerde ich die ein oder andere Mittagspause sicherlich bei Hurwundeki verbringen. Es ist ein Cafe/koreanisches Restaurant/Friseur, alles in einem! Ziemliche Mischung in einer ziemlich ungewohnten Umgebung. Ich meine, Bethnal Green ist nicht sonderlich bekannt dafür tolle Restaurants zu haben oder habe ich da etwas nicht mitgekriegt? Aber wenn es euch mal doch in diese Ecke London's verschlägt, kann ich euch Hurwundeki wärmstens empfehlen. Einfach, weil es in der Gegend nichts dergleichen gibt, weil das Essen gar nicht mal so schlecht ist (Bibimbap top, auch wenn man extra für die Steinschüssel zahlen muss und deren Pancakes etwas mehr Wuerzung vertragen könnten) und man seine Getränke selbst mitbringen kann. Seien wir ehrlich: die meisten von uns sind keine Essenskritiker und da macht die Atmosphäre auch so einiges aus.

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Taste of my Fantasy Childhood

Once I've set my eyes on it, there was no turning back. The only thing that stood between us was time: The time from purchase to photo snapping to finally tasting this green deliciousness...

I always make it sound quite dramatic, don't I? But to me, it did feel like a little sequence out of a film. I've seen it many times before: in manga, anime and even vlogs. Though, I've never even dreamt of having the opportunity to try it myself, unless I'd finally visit Japan one day. Melon Pan. Not even able to imagine the taste, simply the thought of it got me fascinated. That's how much of a Japan nerd I used to be and probably still am. Now add the recent acquirement of "foodie" as something to describe myself, there was no way that I could have just walked past this discovery during my first visit to the Japan Centre. Unknowingly, going up the escalator to this Japanese food heaven, it was one of the first things I saw. I couldn't believe my eyes: An Otaku dream come true! (Now if you know what otaku means, then we are fellow nerds!) And of course, as a sucker for anything Green tea, I had to get the Matcha Melon Pan. After getting my hands on it, it was hard to resist the temptation of just having a big fat bite without any regards to saving it in any form of instagram shot or blog post. Luckily, I was already filled with the other food I got at the Japan Centre, so the Melon Pan stayed intact until I got home. But believe me, once I've had the shot I wanted, this little badass was quickly devoured (though, with the help of a big cup of black tea, because this thing is seriously sweet!). Crispy on the outside with a faint hint of green tea, the inside was soft and filled with Azuki paste (sweet red bean paste). Contrary to my believe, there was actually no melon taste to it. The name actually refers to the shape of this Japanese snack. Now having tasted this fantasy childhood food, I have to say: It's not something I would eat everyday, especially considering its sweetness, but it was definitely a great feeling reliving those childhood memories, hidden under a blanket with a torch reading my favourite manga.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Full of Energy

Striped Shirt H&M | Faux Leather Jacket H&M  | Harem Pants Vietnam
Trainers New Balance | Watch Caravelle New York*

Just a phone call from abroad and all the pain and worries are gone. Or at least for a few seconds and the it's time for some painkillers again...

I really wish I had much energy right as I did in these pictures. But having my mother call me, giving me tips on how to get back to health from easily digestible food to sore throat remedies, definitely feels great. That's one thing you will definitely notice when you live alone: Getting ill is already bad, but getting ill and having to look after yourself at the same time is the worst. Rather than birthday wishes, everyone wishing me to get healthy again definitely takes a bit of the headache away. Now, thanks to lots of tea and chicken broth (the only thing I've been eating the last few days), I'm slowly feeling that I'm on the right track to recovery. I mean, I better get healthy soon, because next week I'll be properly starting a 9-6 job! How exciting is that? So recovery is my top priority right now. Well, kind of. Today I'm finally shooting the Lookbook video I've been wanting to shoot for days, but because of this cold, I obviously couldn't. So now that I'm feeling better, I'm straight back to work! I don't know what you think about this. But personally, I just feel so useless and bored when I can't do anything. Let's hope I'm not overestimating my health... At least, I don't feel healthy enough for German translations right now, because I better take the time to sleep (good excuse, right?).

photos taken by Mike (quyenmike.com)